Riverside Drive Renovation/Reinvention

The Riverside House renovation involved the careful redesign of an existing fibre cement lined dwelling. The modest house’s existing hardwood structure has been utilised wherever possible to reduce costs. The existing gable roofline has been redefined by installing outriggers along existing rafters and new steel columns to support the new members – effectively utilising half of the existing roof framing to create a new single raked wedge form. The dwelling will be relined in sustainably harvested silvertop ash shiplap weatherboards left untreated, resulting in minimal maintenance for the owners.

New areas of the dwelling have been carefully positioned to firstly respond to the client usage requirements and to secondly allow for new service installation, as the existing slab will utilised and framed over.

The main living and kitchen areas have been reformatted to sprawl onto a new north facing covered deck and courtyard area, where laser cut corten steel panels and bamboo planting will form a an attractive view point and screen from the street interface.

Solar passive principles have been employed throughout the redesign to allow for north solar gain. The Riverside house is a demonstration of how careful planning can be used to sustainably  reinvent existing dwellings by harnessing structure where possible and thereby reducing waste and cost.